Terms of Engagement

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the following terms and conditions apply to all cases.
All employees with the law firm are covered by the code of conduct and ethics and all legislation regarding legal process.

Receiving the case

Upon receiving a case, the law firm makes sure that there is no conflict of interest or disqualification before taking on the case.

Our law firm is subject to the Danish Act on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and is obliged to gather and store the clients’ personal information.


If possible, the firm is obliged to inform the client about the presumed size of the total fee and/or the hourly rate. The calculation of the fee is based on the time spent and the expertise applied in connection with the legal advice, the value of the case and the responsibility involved in the case.

If possible the fee will be settled continuously.

The client is obliged to pay case related costs and expenses. The firm can require payment on account. On account payment and case related costs are client funds and they will be handled as such.

All client funds are subjects to the rules of The Danish Bar and Law Society regarding client accounts and will be deposited in a separate account.

The law firm’s  account is

Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 12,

DK-1092 Copenhagen

Registration number 4180

Account number 10001471

IBAN 05 3000 0010001471

Client account is:

Registration number 4180

Account number 3330403713

IBAN  43 3000 3330 4037 13


All employees at the firm are obliged to treat all information received by or regarding a client in absolute confidence. This obligation is without a time limit.


Our law firm has a statutory insurance at HDI Danmark.

All legal advice is attached to a specific case and the law firm does not assume responsibility if the advice is used in any other context.


Our law firm stores all documents for at least five years from case closure. Original documents are handed out to the client at case closure.

Our firm grants the client necessary rights to the specific material produced by the firm in connection with the case. By default, the firm retains copyright and other intellectual property rights in respect to the material and work developed, designed and produced or otherwise created by the firm.

Membership at The Danish Bar and Law Society

Advokat Majken Johansen is a member of The Danish Bar and Law Society.

The Danish Ministry of Justice has appointed the lawyers at Legalink Danmark.

The law firm is submitted to the general rules of The Danish Bar and Law Society.

Data protection

You can complain about my processing of data to:


Borgergade 28, 5.

DK-1300 Copenhagen K

Phone number 33 19 32 00